About Paws Abilities

Paws Abilities Dog Training, LLC prides ourselves on being the premier source for dog training and behavior modification in southeastern Minnesota.

Whether you’re just starting off with a new puppy, looking to explore the world of dog sports with agility or rally, or dealing with serious behavior problems, we’re here to help. We help people enjoy their dogs.

Our humane techniques are fun and effective, and our instructors are professional and committed to continuing education.

Classes are run year-round in Rochester, Byron, Kasson, and the Twin Cities area, and private training consultations are always available to fit your schedule.

8 responses to “About Paws Abilities

  1. I grew up in Minneapolis – my home town :).

  2. Hello! I have nominated your blog for The Super Sweet Blogger award because dogs/puppies really are sweet :)). For rules and all that good stuff go here to my blog http://wp.me/p3eeOO-9t :)

    I also grew up in Minneapolis and lived there for a long time.

  3. Great piece!

    Lisaloo doesn’t get it.

    I have a friend with one of these “Tarzan” dogs and its his first dog ever so he doesn’t understand how he and the dog are affecting the dogs and people around them yet.

    I train dogs and have a well socialized collie that’s happy to stroll through the off leash and calmly greet other dogs and move on. It’s when one of the dogs you’re talking about shows up and literally forces my dog to defend himself that drives me crazy. It affects my training because its taken the dog to a new level that he’s not used to so has a tough time being as responsive as I am used to. When I call him he turns to come and the Tarzan will literally jump him and bite necks or whatever. I feel for my dog because he knows he’s supposed to come but he can’t. So I’ve decided not to bother poisoning my cues because someone else can’t train their dog. Instead, now I manage the hell out of our walks and if I see a Tarzan coming up, I will call my Dog And leash him before there is an opportunity for the encounter.

    Sure as the day turns to night, the Tarzan still takes a run at us, but at least I’m in control and able to block the dog. It’s interesting to watch the reaction of a dog who is used to having his way and suddenly is stopped by a stable human. It’s like it doesn’t compute, this is what the dog had learned to do and thinks its what the owner wants becuse it’s never been intervened on.

    I just forwardedy friend the link to this article and hope he reads it and understands (not like lisaloo).

    My friend has essentially decided this is how his dog releases her energy and that’s life.

    We’re going on a canoe trip next week and the dogs are coming. Except he doesn’t know yet, I’m not bringing my trainee pup. I’m bringing my older female who won’t put up with that kinda interaction at all. I think one or two “wtf’s” from my dog and the Tarzan might be a little sheepish for a while.

    Is this the right thing to do?

    Maybe, maybe not, but I’m training my dog for agility and disc competition so it’s imperative he focuses and doesn’t get into that style of “play” with other dogs. He can get hurt and learn to ignore commands from a distance.

    Sorry for the rant.

  4. Love your blog. You put my thoughts into words :-)

  5. Hello,

    I have recently adopted 7 y/o male/female Akita litter mates. They are both incredibly well behaved and all around great dogs. My family already has a Great Pyrenees mix and they all get along fine except in the morning then the two Akita’s gang up on the Pyrenees, especially if we aren’t paying close attention.

    I’m looking for some advice on how to help them all get along harmoniously, as they all get along fine for the most part. Is this still just part of the adjustment phase and will work itself out?

    Thank you.

  6. Mike J. Poremba

    I am a trainer for a goose management company, and preach a lot of the subject matters your blog addresses (one handler commented that “this sounds like Mike wrote it”). I really love your articles and utilize a lot of the same methods, and have gotten some from you as well. How can I share this with my staff? We have a blog through WordPress as well, can I just link it that way? Just want to make sure credit is given where credit is due?

  7. Thank you, Mike! You’re welcome to share by linking to the posts.

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