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Pet Manners: Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, we can help you train your pet to become the dog you’ve always dreamed about. We’ll help you with socialization, obedience training, problem solving, and more so you can have a lifelong companion you can be proud to take anywhere.

Dog Selection: Looking to bring a new family member home? We can help you find the best match! Whether you decide to go to a breeder or rescue a dog, we’ll make sure you wind up with the right fit for your situation.

Fun with your dog: From riding a skateboard in Tricks class to playing Musical Bones in Beginning Obedience, we believe that training should be fun for both ends of the leash! We never recommend painful or scary training techniques, and know that effective training begins with kindness.

CGC and Therapy dogs: Does your dog love people? Do you love helping others? We can help you train your dog to pass the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog exams.

Agility: Our agility instructors compete (and win!) at a national level, and are passionate about the sport. Whether you want to attend classes just for fun or dream of competing, our agility classes are the best around.

Advanced Obedience:  Whoever said that training obedience couldn’t be fun hasn’t attended our classes! Rally and Competitive obedience classes focus on precision, accuracy, and a positive attitude for dogs who love to work.

Personalized help: Dealing with a behavior problem, or just want some personalized help? We’re here for you! Private consultations are available on a flexible schedule to fit with your busy life.

Aggression: Whether your dog is protective, predatory, or just plain doesn’t like people or other dogs, we have years of experience rehabilitating dogs with just these issues. Our techniques are humane, safe, and scientifically sound.

Fear or Anxiety: Your dog doesn’t have to live in fear. We can help you with socialization and confidence building, rescue dogs, anxiety issues, noise phobias, recovery from traumatic situations, and overall stress reduction.

3 responses to “More Information

  1. Our 11 year old Labrador suffers severe anxiety attacks were she stresses by really heavy panting, ripping carpets etc. This is usually as a result of noises, fireworks, thunder, wind and rain whilst in our motor-home, sport on the TV etc which causes attacks lasting sometimes hours. Is there a medication available? When not having attacks she is excellent and still loves her walks, suggestions please

    • Hi Steve,

      I cannot give medical advice as I’m not a veterinarian, but I would certainly encourage you to take your Lab to the vet and discuss how medication could help her out. It’s likely that training could also be helpful in your case, especially paired with the right medication. I would encourage you to give us a call if you’re in our service area or check out to find a qualified trainer nearby who can assist you in putting together a good behavior modification plan. Good luck!

      Kindest regards,
      – Sara

  2. We recently acquired a new dog (Buster, pit-mix) to be a doggy friend to our 3-yr old corgi-mix Scooby. I find that Scooby is often giving Buster a warning growl, showing his teeth and telling Buster to back off. But often times Buster does not listen and Scooby’s behavior escalates. I don’t leave the two dogs alone together for long periods of time because of this issue. I was wondering if there is something I can do to teach Buster to listen to Scooby’s language.

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