Helping Your Dog

One of the first questions I am always asked by clients when they contact me about behavior or training issues is, “can you help us?” The answer is always an enthusiastic yes!

However, there are important considerations that every pet owner needs to make when they seek training.

I can help your dog. What I cannot do is magically fix your dog. I am not a miracle worker, nor do I carry a magic wand in my training bag.

If you are completely unwilling to change anything about the way you handle your dog or his daily routine, I cannot help you. Training involves both ends of the leash. If the techniques you were using were effective, you would not have contacted me in the first place.

If you continue to allow your dog to practice the problem behavior because you cannot be bothered to institute the easy management exercises we discuss during the first training session, I cannot help you. Practice makes perfect, and if your dog is practicing the problem behavior 6 days and 23 hours out of the week and only seeing me once a week for an hour, we are not going to make headway.

If you mix training techniques and continue to try things that your coworkers, family, or the TV show recommend, I cannot help you. Mixing training techniques is confusing to your dog. My techniques work. They are scientifically sound and I use them because they are the fastest and most effective techniques available. You hired me for a reason, and that reason is because I am a certified professional with years of experience. Please remember that you get what you pay for, and free advice from friends and family is oftentimes worth its cost.

That said, I can help you, and together we can help your dog.

I am realistic, and I promise that, unlike popular TV shows, I will not give you impossible exercises to attempt, nor will I tell you to devote impossible amounts of time to fixing your dog’s problem. I will work with you to figure out your schedule and split exercises into simple, manageable chunks. I will never tell you to devote hours of time to daily training, but will instead help you figure out multiple quick 1-2 minute chunks during which you can accomplish your dog’s exercises.

I will never ask you to do anything that hurts or scares your dog, period. Nor will I yell at, deride, or intimidate you. I will be as kind to you as we both are to your dog, and if you are frustrated or overwhelmed I will be there to support you and help you out. I will be your coach, your cheerleader, and your advisor.

I will work with your finances. Dog training services cost what they do because I am a professional. I devote hundreds of hours to continuing education each year. I travel out of state to educational conferences, write for professional journals, and read everything that comes out. I learn about biology, ethology, learning theory, neurochemistry, and canine cognition so that you don’t have to. If you need to set up a payment plan or barter for services, ask me! I want you and your dog to succeed. I do not give my services out for free, but I am happy to work with you to make dog training or behavioral consultations doable for your budget.

So, can we solve your dog’s behavior or training issue? Absolutely! However, we need to do so together. If you are committed to making things work, you will find that I am too. I offer permanent solutions that will make your dog the enjoyable pet you’ve always wanted. Work with me, and we will help your dog together.

7 responses to “Helping Your Dog

  1. An excellent article once again! Thanks!

  2. And also an impossibly cute poster dog to go along with it!! :-)

  3. Fantastic! Sharing this one with my clients as well.

  4. Hard to get through to some people. I train 4h kids, its hard to get thru to them they have to do more than come once a week.

  5. Colleen A. Falconer

    What a lovely, thoughtful post, Sara. Thank you for writing it!

  6. Wish I lived near by, I would love to meet and work with you! Wonderful post thank you~ Looking forward to following your blogs!

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