APDT Rally Trial Brags

Congratulations to every one of the Paws Abilities teams who competed in APDT rally this weekend! We had a great weekend for titles and awards, but more importantly, I was so proud of how supportive and helpful everyone was with one another. Experienced competitors were so helpful with mentoring new participants in the sport, from walking courses together to videotaping runs to answering questions. Each of the Paws Abilities family cheered on and encouraged one another, and I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a great group.

Below are some of the accomplishments from this weekend:

  • Mitchell, a mixed breed, earned his Level 1 title under Amy’s guidance. This was their first rally trial ever.
  • Evan had two picture-perfect runs in the Junior class with his two mixed breeds, Charlotte and Jordi. All of the adult handlers could learn something from watching his kind and patient handling style, and it was clear that both of the dogs absolutely adore him.
  • Shelly earned two legs in Level 1 with both Charlotte and Jordi. Charlotte also earned High Scoring Mixed Breed under her guidance as well as the Sophie Award, which is given to the Level 1A team exhibiting the best positive working relationship built on trust and respect.
  • Tank the Schnauzer mix earned his Level 1 title with Linda.
  • Willow the Australian Shepherd earned multiple legs in Level 1B, and is halfway to earning her Level 1 excellent title. She also had her very first experience in Level 2, and her focus on Carrie was amazing.
  • LeRoy, a mixed breed, earned multiple legs towards his Level 1 excellent title with Julia.
  • Ruler the Basenji earned his second Level 2 leg with Laura.
  • Laura also helped her Chihuahua cross, Cruiser, earn his second Level 1 leg. This may very well have been the cutest rally run ever.
  • Jade the Australian Shepherd earned her Level 1 title with Denise in an incredibly flashy performance.
  • Dalton the mixed breed earned his first Level 1 leg with Sarala and enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Mischief the 6-month-old puppy earned her Puppy Title with an Award of Excellence and also completed her first leg towards her puppy excellent title. She earned first place in every one of her classes. Sara entered Mischief in the trial as a “North American Yodelhound” since her actual breed mix is unknown.
  • Dobby the Minnesota White-Toed Chipmunk Dog earned two legs towards his Level 1 excellent title with Sara.
  • Layla the Minnesota White-Toed Chipmunk Dog completed her Level 2 Excellent title and also earned a leg towards her Level 3 excellent title. She was the High Scoring MMBC Member Dog.

3 responses to “APDT Rally Trial Brags

  1. This sounds like such a fun group of dogs and handlers! Will there be photos posted somewhere? I would love to come watch this sometime…

  2. Congratulations, all! It was great to see so many newcomers, and the oldcomers as well. Such a great group of dogs, and handlers.

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