Lure Coursing

Thank you to Lois Stanfield for those wonderful images of Layla lure coursing!

Waiting to run. Dogs run naked (no collars allowed) for safety, so I taught Layla to tolerate being restrained by the scruff of her neck and a hand on her chest while she waits for the signal to go.

Right off the line, Layla’s already well over 30mph. This is why a solid warm-up routine is so important to avoid stress on the muscles and joints.

Ever wonder why Greyhounds and other sighthounds have a slightly roached (rounded) back? This photo shows why that structure can be helpful for dogs who need to sprint.

Most dogs sniff the lure (which is a white plastic bag) when they catch it. In true terrier fashion, Layla prefers to grab and shake it just to make sure it’s really “dead.”

Can you spot what’s wrong with my dog in these pictures (hint: it has to do with her physical appearance)? Answer on Monday!

2 responses to “Lure Coursing

  1. Woohoo! Go Layla! Was this at a CAT or just for fun? Amazing pictures. I’m working on my camera skills just so I can catch my girl in motion next time she courses.

    That’s awesome that you taught restraint. I opted for the coursing slip route (it slips off so she runs naked at the Tally-ho!) — Elli loves that thing now. :)

  2. I sure as heck can’t see anything wrong with Layla! She looks PAWSOME to me! Incredible condition and obviously LOVES what she is doing… It sure does look like fun!



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