[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Photo by Mr. DTB

Punishment is like a nuclear bomb, if the explosion doesn’t get you the fallout will.

– Steve White

5 responses to “[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

  1. Sara, Is there any chance I can get your permission to use this photo in my dog language class for adults? It’s a great shot! (assuming it is yours. if not, Do you know the source? Thanks)

  2. Just noticed the DTB. Can you please provide his contact info privately?

  3. So what is going on in the photo? I really want to know.

  4. The dog is upset clearly..tail high and tight and he/she seems to be warning the approaching child to back off. The dog looks middle aged and so may have some bad experiences with small animals/children.

  5. The dog is stressed and tense. Tail high, head low, clearly threatening signals being given here. The child is in danger of being bitten. I would slowly get the child and back away without making eye contact.

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