[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Photo by Stewart Black

Photo by Stewart Black

“Much like mountain climbing or parachute jumping, it is that heady feeling of success when an open-environment trained animal returns to run (or swim or fly) again. The heady feeling, or “rush,” is increased in direct proportion to the duration, distance, and complexity of the trial. Every time you release the animal, it could go somewhere else. In spite of 99.999% success, that next trial could result in an animal running, flying, or swimming away; that is 100% failure. You are just as dead if you fall while ascending or descending a mountain. It only counts as a success if you get the animal out and back. If you have not climbed a mountain, or jumped from a plane, or released and recovered a trained wild animal, you cannot fully comprehend the feeling.

– Bob Bailey, when asked to describe his favorite training moment

One response to “[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

  1. I like this a lot…I’ve been working on an off leash ‘wait’ command and proofing it from greater distances…I’m so happy to see him learning and obeying what I’m sure goes against his personal desire to continue on the trail

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