[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Photo by Sini Merikallio

Photo by Sini Merikallio

“See behavior, click behavior: What you click is what you get and what you got is what you clicked. If the dog is giving you something you don’t want, it is almost certainly the result of your training, so stop and figure out how you got there. Don’t replicate failures but build on success.”

– Morgan Spector

4 responses to “[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great advice and I just love that picture. Such great attention.

  2. Great eye contact and focus! Hope they “clicked” it!

  3. We CAN control all the clicks but we sure as heck can’t control all the reinforcements–at least when we are out in the world working. Looking at something interesting like a squirrel is reinforcing (maybe reinforcing for lunging on the leash! Especially if the squirrel moves!) Smelling something yummy is reinforcing. Barking is a fabulous adrenaline release that must feel great to an excited dog. Harnessing those kinds of (sometimes unwelcome to the handler) life rewards is essential, as is remembering that everything good in life will never come only from the handler (as long as a dog has a nose and eyes and an interesting world to interact with)

  4. I am so happy to have found this website under Freshly Pressed! We just got a new lab puppy and are enrolled in a puppy training obedience class. I am finding half the battle is with ME (just getting the verbal/visual cues down pat takes a little coordination). I know labs make great dogs but since we are not used to having a dog, we need some help. This website compliments our training class very nicely. I look forward to spending some time reading over all these posts. Thank you for such a helpful site!! I am already guilty as charged for taking my puppy on too long a walk today and allowing him to “pull” . This will NOT be happening again, as I want to enjoy our walks! Thanks so much! I like the purple-pawed Mischief too and as a mom, I like to keep it real…whether it’s puppies or kids!

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