Nose Work Class Photos

We love K9 Nose Work! Any dog (and any handler!) can participate, and the dogs think it’s the best game ever. Check out these great shots from last week’s Beginning K9 Nose Work class by Laura Caldwell. Want to start playing with your dog? Check out our class schedule to reserve your spot in an upcoming class.

3 responses to “Nose Work Class Photos

  1. I let my dog work for her breakfast many times, i hide the food in the garden without her seeing me do this, and than “go find your breakfast”
    In this way she is searching for 15 to 20 min.( see you tube , go find your breakfast) thats my dog :-)

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I have two border collies. Sometimes storms scare the one and he goes and hides, I have to tell the other one to ‘go find your brother’ and he does !

  3. Great pics! My dogs all love Nose Works too. :-)

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