Contest: What’s in a Trout?

Trout (also known as Mischief) is almost 2 years old, and she’s matured into a lovely little dog. She likes everybody, and her sweet demeanor and easygoing personality make her a great little companion. Like most young dogs, she still has her share of challenges – she tends to be whiny in new or exciting situations and cats don’t like her nearly as much as she adores them – but all in all, she’s a wonderful pet.

At 1 year of age. Photo by Sara Brueske.

Around 1 year of age. Photo by Sara Brueske.

Last week, I ordered a Mars Wisdom Panel for Trout. This test uses a DNA sample taken by swabbing your dog’s cheek and compares the results against their database of 209 different dog breeds to help determine your dog’s ancestry.

Picture taken one month ago.

Picture taken one month ago.

While I think tests like this are more of a fun game than a scientific certainty, it’s always interesting to play “guess the breed.”

Puppy picture! She was between 5-6 months old here.

Puppy picture! She was between 5-6 months old here.

That’s where you come in. Post your breed mix guesses in the comments section. When I get Trout’s breed results back I will post them here and the closest guess will win a prize! If there are multiple correct commenters I will award two prizes: one to the first person who guessed that breed combination and another to a randomly-drawn guesser. Make sure you include your email address or website in your comment so that I can contact you about claiming your prize, or I’ll give it to someone else.

Photo by SC Studios when she was about a year old.

Photo by SC Studios when she was about a year old.

As far as what this has to do with dog training… well, you’ll just have to stay tuned for future blog posts on the matter.

Trout's natural coat before it was stripped.

Trout’s natural coat before it was stripped.

Throughout this post are some photos of Trout, who at a little under 2 years of age weighs 29 pounds and measures about 20 inches at her shoulders. She has a mixed coat: the brown spots are short and smooth, while the white areas are medium-length and wiry. I keep the coat over her shoulders and back stripped out or it will grow to about 6-8″ (maybe longer – I didn’t wait to find out!). It’s unknown whether her tail is a natural bob, a birth defect, a purposeful crop, or the result of an injury. She has dew claws on all four feet. In addition to whining, she has a full-throated bark and makes several different yodeling and baying sounds. Trout was abandoned as a young puppy on a trout farm in Missouri (hence her nickname!) and came to me as a foster dog after she was transported to Minnesota.

She's about a year old here. Photo by SC Studios.

She’s about a year old here. Photo by SC Studios.

Happy guessing, followers!

Picture taken at about 18 months. Photo by A Dog Spot.

Picture taken somewhere around 18 months of age by A Dog Spot.

45 responses to “Contest: What’s in a Trout?

  1. Jrt/ basenji?

  2. I love guessing games! Parson Russell Terrier X Lab

  3. Brittany, Beagle, Parson Russell terrier.

  4. Beagle, pointer and border collie.

  5. Before you included size – I would have said Parson Russell Terrier (or Jack Russell)- especially with that coat – -the long hair over shorter hair. Include the size and I think we are adding a hound type in there. Maybe Coon Hound? Or Treeing Walker?

  6. Jack Russell Terrier, Border Collie and Coonhound.

  7. Brittany Spaniel, Beagle, Wire Fox Terrier

  8. JRT, Brittany, Beagle. . .

  9. JRT and Treeing Walker Coonhound.

  10. Terrier, beagle and Staffie

  11. faithtrustfosterpups

    Fun! I’m gonna go with Beagle and Foxhound. Or purebred cuteness. That’s a breed, right?

  12. Fox Terrier, Beagle, and Brittany

  13. Her stance in some of the photos looks like a Brittany but she also has a terrier look and a houndy look so I’ll say Brittany, JRT and Treeing Walker.

  14. Marina Wolfgram

    Fox Terrier n Beagle

  15. Beagle, JRT, GSP

  16. Oh let’s throw in some craziness. Brittany, coonhound, and poodle. :-D

  17. Hmmmm…..going to go with jack russell terrier, beagle, and boston terrier just for fun. Although likely something bigger in there…..I’ll echo brittany.

  18. Brittany, JRT,GSP

  19. Jack Russell, beagle, red heeler and maybe a touch of boxer.

  20. Beagle, Cattle Dog, Parson Russell Terrier?

    I did a Wisdom Panel on one of mine, and was quite impressed. I know some are skeptical of them, but I feel hers was spot on. It came back 25% GSD, 25% Alaskan Malamute, 12.5% Siberian Husky, 37.5% unknown.

  21. North American Yodelhound. What do I win?

  22. Coonhound, Parson’s JRT and Brittany spaniel

  23. I’ll echo the JRT/beagle combo but something bigger in her… Hmm. Australian shepherd just for kicks! And I bet some comes back as unknown as well.

  24. Jack Russell, Beagle, and something leggy…whippet?

  25. Italian Greyhound, Australian Shepard, Beagle. What a beauty!

  26. Jack/Parson/Fox Terrier (those are all basically the same thing and you know it so if any of them come back, I’m claiming I’m right.) x Pem Corgi x Beagle

  27. Brittany, Jack and maybe some Beagle too. Something has to make those funny noises coming out of her.

  28. The longish coat that you have stripped off completely confuses me. JRT and Brittany, and yes, I know that’s already been picked. That doesn’t explain the really long coat, though.

  29. Foxhound and Wire Fox Terrier. I’m going with a fox theme since Yodelhound has already been taken :)

  30. PRT. Badly bred but pedigree? How big is she?

  31. Kooikehunde (sp?) cross JRT also rat terrier cross beagle. also swedish farm dog. Because no one mentioned them yet.

  32. Britanny, beagle,sheltie and some kind of terrier.

  33. Jack Russel x King Charles Spaniel

  34. Jack Russell terrier, smooth fox terrier, beagle (ears). Coat is a bit of a mystery, but I have Aust. Shepherds and it looks like theirs, so that is my last choice.

  35. Jack Russell x Brittany Spaniel!!

    That said, my Jack Russell’s DNA test cam back as Jack Russell x Smooth Fox Terrier x Great Dane!!!! So I look forward to seeing what it does come back as!!!

  36. It almost looks like a German shorthaired or english pointer and a jack russell terrier. There could maybe be some brittany, coonhound, or foxhound in there as well. It looks very poinery/spaniely to me. The size, head shape and coat make me think that there is some jack russell in there.

  37. I see terrier and beagle in her, but I’m no expert :) Maybe fox terrier, since her hair is long. Looking forward to reading about how her breed affects her training.

  38. Brittany Spaniel & JRT

  39. I think JRT x Brittany, but knowing Wisdom Panels results I reckon there will be something utterly bizarre in there too, like Saluki!! I say this because my terrier x bitch (who is roughly the size of a small springer or large cocker spaniel) who we thought might be terrier x whippet or possibly terrier x collie came back as Borzoi x French Bulldog on one side and Manchester terrier x mixed breed on the other!!

  40. Jack Russell, Brittany Spaniel, Beagle, German Shorthair Pointer.

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