[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Photo by Jeff Balke

Photo by Jeff Balke

It’s not “how they’re raised” (what happened in the past) but rather, “how they’re managed” (what’s happening in the present) that needs to be our focus, if our goal is to help our dogs and also create safe communities for us all to enjoy.

Jessica Dolce

4 responses to “[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

  1. Excellent quote and super cute puppy.

  2. Well this was a nice surprise! Thank you.

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

    This Lil guy is adorable. ADORABLE!

  4. I always belive that it is always how a dog is raised and not why they breed, it is always the owners of the dog that is the problem not the dog, it is never just the way the dog is. RF

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