[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday


If I had known…
Oh, if I had known.
You could have had double dinners (and finished Trout’s uneaten kibble too). We would have gone on so many more walks, just the two of us, with lamb lung and all the time to sniff you wanted. There would have been no more diet, and so many more tacos. Cheese, too… you had such a special fondness for cheese. We would play find the squeaky ball all over the house, and I would laugh and clap while you taunted me with the ball. We would snuggle longer in the mornings, under the covers, and I would whisper how I loved and loved you to the rhythmic thump of your tail. I would look into your eyes and tell you how forever special you were, my best and brightest dog. My Layla.

8 responses to “[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ah, you can see my heart….

  2. So moving and beautifully written… Thank you

  3. Your tributes to your special girl are mirrors of my hopeless adoration for my special girl. Thank you for sharing the tenderness of this time so we can all pause and celebrate as deeply as possible the love we beside us right now.

  4. barefootallnaturalfarm

    I keep coming back to this blurb. I read it first early this morning and have not stopped thinking about it since. My own heart dog is nearing the end and these are things I will likely think when the time comes. Thank you, thank you, for sharing this wth us. I think we’ll go have a cheese stick.


  5. You have put into words what all those of us who love our dogs unconditionally feel. My own special boy had to have a biopsy on Wednesday we’ve been told that he may have mouth cancer. We are going to give him as much love and attention for however long he may have left, just hoping that we have many more years with him.

  6. Touches my heart today. One week ago, last Monday, we said goodbye to my Snickers.

  7. Sara, this was so true and beautiful. You made me cry. Althea (and Jones)

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