Welcome to the Paws Abilities Dog Training blog! I always find these introduction posts the most difficult to write, so am going to start with the basics.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Sara Reusche and I own Paws Abilities Dog Training. I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a Certified Veterinary Technician (I’ll post about what these mean later on). I also have experience in all of the other dog-related fields: vet tech, doggy daycare, shelter/rescue, and grooming.

Paws Abilities has 9 other instructors: Shalise, Sarala, Linda, Julia, Shelly, Lindsay, Rick, Crystal, and Kristin.

Our goal is to help people enjoy their dogs, and we do this through training classes and private in-home consults.

Sara and Layla (Photo by Kristin Sicotte)

Sara and Dobby (Photo by Ryan Windfeldt)

I have two dogs of my own, Layla and Dobby. Both were adopted. I foster and do compassion holds for various area rescues and usually have a 3rd dog in my house as well. Currently, I have an ancient Lab named Paddy lying at my feet. Paddy was found as a stray and never claimed. He was very sad at the pound and due to his age (12-15 years at best guess) doesn’t have a whole lot longer to live, so he’s spending his final months in retirement at my house. I’m enjoying spoiling him rotten and getting to know this sweet old gentleman.

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog, and look forward to many interesting discussions. Please feel free to comment with topics you’d be interested in learning more about or any other feedback you have for me.

One response to “Welcome!

  1. It’s very good to see all this useful information on dog training.
    I have a question though. How do you train a younger dog?

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